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Oregon Soccer Center will be closed through April 20th. Updates and Information will be posted here.

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted our community and the way we live our lives, provide services, and conduct business. Our soccer community is strong, and we consider ourselves blessed that we are a community resource in developing youth and adults, improving physical and mental health through activity, and growing our wonderful sport. Thank you for this opportunity. After closely monitoring Central District Health and Oregon Department of Human Services guidelines and recommendations, we have concluded that the most responsible thing for the Oregon Soccer Center to do is to temporarily pause all programs and operations.

Effective immediately, the Oregon Soccer Center will remain closed to the public through April 20th.

Like you, we are saddened that the coronavirus is interfering with so many aspects of our daily lives. But we believe that taking action now will help get our community back on track as quickly as possible.

We will continue to share up-to-date information on our website at oscindoor.com, and we appreciate the tremendous support we continue to receive from all of you.

Thank you,

-OSC Staff and Management

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Adult Winter 2 Leagues

D-Line: Thursday Jan. 23rd
Start: (Week of) Feb. 3rd
D-Line Extended! Still Accepting Registration


High School Winter 2 Leagues
D-Line: Thursday Jan. 23rd
Start: (Week of) Feb. 3rd
D-Line Extended! Still Accepting Registration

Youth Winter 2
Recreation & Competitive

D-Line: Tuesday Jan.28th  
Start: Saturday Feb. 8th 
D-Line Extended! Still Accepting Registration

Kids Kickers Winter 2

Pre K-High School

 Individual Sign up!

D-Line: Tuesday Jan. 28th  
Start: Saturday Feb. 8th 
D-Line Extended! Still Accepting Registration


The Oregon Soccer Center is a tool for the community to help everyone of all ages and skill level to perform better, play better, and feel better by playing the sport of soccer.

The Oregon Soccer Center experience is more than just providing leagues and selling shoes/apparel just as playing soccer is more than just kicking a ball. Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: We strive to help you perform at your best and have fun doing it. Your success is our ambition.

To receive exclusive offers and advance notice for special sales, events, and  registration information, Contact Us that we may add you to the e-mail list.


1) Action and Excitement
Indoor soccer features constant, end-to-end action, very few breaks in play, and frequent opportunities, making it one of the most entertaining games for players and spectators.

2) Health and Fitness
The consistent activity of indoor soccer helps to develop physical fitness in several categories: Speed, power, coordination, and endurance.

3) Meeting new people/Camaraderie
Oregon Soccer Center is a great meeting place. Both players and spectators can use the game to socialize and meet other excited soccer players through our leagues/programs.

4) Inclusiveness
The nature of indoor soccer allows participants of a wide range of size, physical strength, speed, and endurance to excel at the sport.

5) Safety and Cleanliness
Indoor soccer involves mild physical contact. Excessive contact is penalized within the rules. Cleats are also not allowed to promote safety and cleanliness of the field.


Players looking for teams or teams looking for players Contact Us and use our contact form to Enter your name, age, sex, phone number/email and division you want to play. For teams looking use same type of format.


New identification cards must be obtained at $15.00 per player. All new Players will need some form of I.D. to obtain a Players card (Birth Certificate, Passport, or Medical Insurance Card with Birth Date). Cards are annual, renewable by Sept. 1 of each year. Replacement cost is $10.00. A temporary (one game) card cn be issued for $3.00 per game with pictured I.D. if you have a current card.

OSC Waiver of Liability: Fees paid to OSC do not include insurance for injuries to players, coaches or managers. All players must sign a waiver of liability at the OSC. Parent or legal guardian must sign the OSC Waiver for players under age 18 and must do so in person at the OSC. NO EXCEPTIONS!